Tsililis Distillery

Meteora, Greece

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Tsilili Distillery

Meteora, Greece

Tsililis Distillery was founded in 1989 and is located just outside of the breathtakingly beautiful village of Meteora. The Tsililis family was the first to bottle Tsipouro in Thessaly, with the homonymous geographical indication, recognized by the European Union. Today the family continues to be a pioneer in the effort by enhancing the international recognition of Tsipouro, of this original Greek alcoholic drink. The continuous effort to praise the dynamics of grapes has resulted in the creation of a range of single varietal grape distillates and an aged in oak barriques Tsipouro.


History Tsipouro. A traditional drink of the Greek countryside. For centuries, it was the secondary product of viticulture and domestic wine production. It was what we might call the “poor cousin” of wine and it was always related to the…